Most people would describe us as specialists in business strategy and workforce analytics. We think of ourselves as navigators, agents of change, trusted advisors, maverick thinkers and dedicated deliverers.

When the Cape Group was formed in 2004, our aim was to provide our clients with unique solutions to solve their business challenges. We strongly felt that our deep expertise, our research and insight, hands on experience in Asia and Australia and our collaborative approach would differentiate us. We were right.

Since then we have extended our reach into new markets, broadened our capabilities and expanded our stellar team. Our aim, however, has remained the same. Our focus is on solving business challenges first, not form-fitting a solution. We recognise that no two organisations are the same. Each has its own strategy, culture and set of challenges. We listen. We ask questions. We research. We engage. We want to know what makes our clients tick. These insights are what ensure that our solutions exceed our client’s expectations and drive measurable results.

We offer our clients the best of both worlds – the expertise and professionalism of a large consulting company with the deep specialist skills and high touch approach of a niche firm. Our clients range from some of the world’s biggest multinational corporations to local SMEs. We work alongside our clients, big and small, to develop solutions that fit their specific needs and culture. We constantly strive to uncover new ideas and solutions that deliver results and differentiate our client. It’s about innovating, not replicating.

We are independent and proud of it. We don’t have any software to sell and have no vendor affiliations. Our clients come to us for our unbiased advice and in depth knowledge of what is available in workforce technologies marketplace.  We are your trusted advisor in Asia.

Cape Group isn’t your average consultancy. If you would like to know more, let’s connect.